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Dear Friend:

As a woman business owner, I’ve attended my fair share of Chamber of Commerce meetings, lead-share breakfasts and luncheons, and after work get-togethers. I used to find networking exhausting. My results were usually “hit and miss.”

Then, something interesting happened. Over the years, I made a significant discovery about connecting with other people. In fact, I found the key to connecting. When I did, I used that key to open a door to a whole new way of networking! To my delight and joy, my networking improved, and so did my results! I knew the time was right for me to write a book and share my knowledge with others.

Feel free to contact me in any of the following ways:

E-mail: bootgirl@bonnierossparker.com
Telephone: 770-333-7923
Mail: 3151 Stillhouse Creek Dr, SE, Apartment #4423, Atlanta, GA 30339

Contact Bonnie today to see how she can bring real value to your program!

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